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Giraud Customs Brokers has representation in China. We can do business there on your behalf.

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Bussines with China


Representation in China

Our services:

Search for certified vendors and/or specific products in the People’s Republic of China, as per the characteristics, materials and specifications of the required product.

We carry out all communication and negotiation with the vendors in the People’s Republic of China on behalf of your business, offering total transparency and simplicity for your purchases, plus the benefit of having a quality product and the chance to acquire it at a better price.

You will have all the support we provide, from establishing contact with the vendor, including price negotiations, the writing and formalization of the contract regarding international purchases, method of payment, delivery time, and supervision of the finished product, as well as shipping and all kinds of consultation. When supervising shipping, we check the packaging, layout and number of goods in the container, prior to submitting it to customs for the export procedure. We keep track of the cargo upon arrival to the port of destination and from there to your company, ensuring delivery time, quality and quantity, and complying with standards applicable to the goods you want to import, labeled from place of origin.

Our service involves your company having a purchase department in China that can search for and assess various vendors with whom it can negotiate directly, in their own language. This enables us to offer higher quality products and the possibility of manufacturing at a lower cost, with better profit margins.

We specialize in the search of products within the People’s Republic of China and in the direct importation of all kinds of items that our clients might require.

We advise our clients in an honest fashion, with total transparency in our procedures. This is our best warranty for commercial success. We provide security, commitment, confidentiality and professionalism so that our clients may feel backed up when doing business with manufacturers in the People’s Republic of China.

Consultation services

     •     Logistics operation: comprehensive door-to-door service or hiring of maritime shipping, purchase of insurance for the transportation of goods, land transportation.

     •     Analysis, assessment and development of import projects

     •     Expense and tax estimates to determine the unit cost of every product