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Giraud Customs Brokers has representation in China. We can do business there on your behalf.

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Bussines with China


Customs Broker Consultation

At Grupo Aduanero Giraud, S.C. we provide our clients with technical and legal counsel to deal with their import/export projects in a thorough manner, including logistics, customs requirements and insurance.

Choosing the right type of land transportation is essential for the proper handling of your goods. This ensures their security, reduction of costs, and punctuality of the shipment. Always aware of your interests, our team, specialized in air, maritime, land and intermodal transportation, will provide solutions for your transport needs and will let you know which means or combination of means will suit you best. Whether it is from the sender’s facilities to the gates of your own business or vice versa, you will be able to know, ahead of time, of departure dates, proposed routes, port of entry, and estimated date of arrival, all with the best rates in the market, and always with the best of attention and the warmth you deserve.

It is equally important to know, beforehand, the legal requirements regarding customs in force in Mexico. Our training and experience allow us to provide accurate and timely information like registration in the importers, exporters or specific sectors registers, tariff classification for your goods, tariffs and other duties to be paid, non-tariff requirements to be met and how to meet them, among others, which will allow you to have a clear view of the business you want to do and thus make the right decisions.

Our experience and background will lead you, nice and easy, through the various steps in the process, always with a vision of incident prevention and of elimination of unnecessary costs, thus achieving a transparent and effective workflow.

Should it be the case, we are ready to provide you with legal counsel. Our professional team, specialized in the area, can deal with any contingency that should arise with any entity involved in the process. They will keep you posted, at all times, of any circumstance and will timely deal with any requirement.