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Giraud Customs Brokers has representation in China. We can do business there on your behalf.

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Bussines with China


Dispatch of Goods in Customs

As we hold our own patent, Grupo Aduanero Giraud, S.C. offers the release of your goods from customs, both for imports and for exports, under any customs regime, complying with all the formalities demanded by applicable laws. Our professionalism and vast knowledge of the subject matter guarantees that your operations will be carried out swiftly, legally and transparently, with the assurance that all your shipments will be timely taken care of, tracked down and located up to the moment when they are delivered to their destination. Your can rest assured that your tariff classification and payment of duties will be the right ones, as will be the timely compliance with non-tariff regulations, thus providing your company with legal assurance. We specialize in goods regulated by the Mexican government regarding produce and other agricultural goods, and, in general, in perishable items, be them live animals, controlled-temperature goods or items that require special handling. For IMMEX companies, we also offer the change of regime for their goods, regularization or virtual returns, and complementary claims: assets, prime matter, finished products, etc. For the general public, we offer the import or export of household items, samples, pets, cars, ships or airplanes, sports or musical equipment, items to be temporarily imported/exported for international exhibits, etc., after making our client aware of opportunities, limitations, requirements and costs applicable in each case.