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Giraud Customs Brokers has representation in China. We can do business there on your behalf.

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Bussines with China


Cargo insurance agency

In seeking to comprehensively satisfy the needs of our clients and foreseeing any incident goods are usually exposed to, like being lost or stolen and partial or total damage, Grupo Aduanero Giraud, S.C. offer total protection of your goods while on route by means of insurance, which will give you peace of mind by protecting your investment.

     ◦     Scope of Goods Insurance

     ◦     All kinds of risks

     ◦     Door to door

     ◦     No deductible (*)

     ◦     Loading and unloading

     ◦     Covers value of goods + taxes + expenses

     ◦     Midway deposits

     ◦     Major damage

     ◦     Covers all the risks the goods might be exposed to while insurance is in force, except:

     ◦     War or similar event

     ◦     Strike

     ◦     Confiscation, impounding or other government-initiated intervention

     ◦     Financial differences